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Peugeot Car Clubs in Australia and New Zealand

This site is aimed at being the primary access to all clubs of interest to Peugeot enthusiasts in Australasia. It should allow you to find information from various groups and point you to sites of interest for prospective Peugeot buyers.

The State Clubs - contact details.

ACT French Car Club of Canberra
NSW Peugeot Car Club of NSW
QLD Peugeot Club of Queensland
VIC Peugeot Car Club of Victoria
W.A. Peugeot Car Club of Western Australia
W.A. French & Fantastic Automobile Club (Facebook Page)
S.A. Peugeot Car Club of South Australia
S.A. Club Automobile Francais - PO Box 330, CAMPBELLTOWN, SA 5074.
TAS The French Car Club of Tasmania
N.Z. Peugeot Car Club of Auckland
N.Z. Peugeot Car Club of Wellington

Please note: if any of these details are incorrect, or you wish to add any information, please let me know.

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