Peugeot Car Club of NSW, Inc.
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Incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in NSW
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The club library contains many titles—some of them obtained many years ago—on a diverse range of subjects: from technical manuals, the history of Peugeot and Peugeot's involvement in motor sports, to pictoral guides of various Peugeot models.  Books are lent out on a monthly basis to financial members of the club.

Don Bailey, our club Librarian, maintains a list of titles that are available to members. Contact Don on 0418 257 529 or via email to ask about borrowing books.

To take advantage of the generous resources of our club library, come along to our monthly meetings after contacting Don with your requests and he will bring along the books that you require.

Here is a list of books, in Excel format, available for members to borrow.

Library Front Covers

Below are some scanned images of a few of our titles.  Click on each title for a larger version.

book cover image book cover image book cover image

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