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Incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in NSW
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About Us

Our activities

The Peugeot Car Club of NSW, Inc. is run by a group of volunteers who are all Peugeot enthusiasts. We organise lots of social activities and have lots of laughs with each other. As a group we are not too serious about the niceties of club life — the idea is to have some fun and share our experiences so that we can learn from each other.

Some of the activities we get up to are a drive to a breakfast venue, a weekend away with interestate clubs, French Car Day in July, a weekend aay with the older cars, track days at Marulan, trips to the country either over the weekend or for a week or so, an annual dinner in November at a nice restaurant and the Hunter Valley French Car Day in August at Nightingale Wines at Broke. We have a library of books and DVDs to enhance your enjoyment of beautiful Peugeot cars.

Each member receives a copy of the club's top quality monthly magazine. The club has a meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (except January) at Five Dock, where we share a few laughs and talk about the latest happenings with our cars and the club. The club takes part in an official scheme for cars over 30 years of age to receive at a reasonable cost concessional registration for driving to club meetings and events. The club is also registered for the current 60 day logbook trial. Eligibility for conditional rego starts after 6 months of financial membership. The club has a range of Peugeot-themed products for sale including umbrellas, caps, t-shirts, sweaters, car badges, etc. and we often have a guest speaker at our monthly meetings.

The club has about 300 members from all over NSW plus some interstate members and a strong international following of our magazine. Most of all, we try to make it a club for families. Teenagers are entitled to drive in Motorkhanas. Everybody is welcome, even if they do not own a Peugeot — the companionship is more important. Significantly, we enjoy doing things that all genders will enjoy.

We hope to meet you soon at a club event. Visitors are always welcome (especially with their application forms!). In the meantime, why not check out the club's Facebook page?

My First Pug Series

The Web Page Editor has finally got some old Pugilist articles up on the site.  Enjoy some stories from our members about their first experiences with a Peugeot in our Magazine.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Club brings with it a host of benefits available to all financial members.

  • Free attendance at Monthly Club Meetings, plus bring a guest
  • Copy of the Club Magazine The Pugilist sent to you 11 times per year
  • Free borrowings from the Club Video Library, one month at a time
  • CAMS membership included in annual fee
  • Low cost Conditional Registration for your 30+ year old Peugeot (after six months of membership)
  • Free borrowings from the Club Magazine Library, also a month at a time
  • Access to Technical expertise and experience
  • Free borrowings from the Club Technical Library, also a month at a time
  • . . . comradeship with fellow members . . .
  • For more information and an application form, visit our Membership page

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